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          手 機:13816221161    18049770665

                        15301677381      13301891952


          電 話:021-59700991 021-59700685 


          傳 真:021-59705536

          E-mail:[email protected]

          郵 編:201707


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          上海雷盎工業鋁型材系歐標鋁型材,原自Bosch的工業理念,由比利時奧里伯斯鋁業集團(Aliplast Group)率先引進中國,并于2002年在中國建廠,將工業鋁型材實現了歐洲標準,中國制造。


          Shanghai Lei Ang Industrial aluminum belongs to the European standard aluminum,it came from the industry concept of Bosch,and it was taken the lead into China by Aliplast Group,at the same time,it set up factories in China in 2002,so it helps Industrial aluminum to achieve the European standards in China.

          Shanghai Lei Ang Industrial Aluminum Co., Ltd.produces and sales the European standard aluminum which are widely used,such as automotive, power electronics, machinery manufacturing, other various production lines and so on.European standard aluminum has the beautiful appearance, flexible structure,easy to install, quick to operate, and it also can be recycled.European standard aluminum is good for you to leave out of structural design、reduce the waste of time,and also greatly improve the efficiency of the employees. ,so it allows you to enjoy high quality while also effectively control production costs and production progress!

          Shanghai Lei Ang Industrial Aluminum Co., Ltd.focuses on the research and development , sales, technical services of European standard aluminum,so as to bring "private custom" service for the customer to enjoy!

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